I offer a wide range of opportunities to elevate your life and the lives around you!
Speaking/Keynotes/ Emcee
One on one sessions/mentorship
Programs/Certificate courses

Teaching and storytelling are my passions!

My Goal is to have impact
20 years of speaking experience, International speaker, Dynamic talks from health to spirituality

Made for Speaking

“…DeeAnne is nothing sort of magnificent. She has a way of connecting so wholly with the audience and you can tell from the beginning that she has the audience completely engaged. The range of topics she can speak to is broad and her wisdom is apparent in each message she shares. Her melodic yet powerful voice relays her message in a way that leaves your soul inspired and your heart full.”

-Jocelyn Davison, The Virtual Effect Events

Presentation Topics

  • How to Thrive in Uncertain Times
  • The Path to Freedom-A New Perspective on Health and Wellness
  • The Cure is Already Here-Answers to Our Health Crisis
  • What You Need to Know About the Meaning of Life
  • The 3 Secrets to Unlocking Your Super Powers
Personal Mentorship and Coaching through the Akashic Records

The work I provides beautiful transformational experiences.  I am an intuitive, medium, angel communicator and I am a certified akashic record expert and universal sphere practitioner.   People call the work I do soul massages as they leave feeling renewed and uplifted and a new sense of peace and harmony.

I am honoured to provide several opportunities to work with me.

Option 1
1 on 1 sessions via phone or zoom video conference
30 min-$122

55 min-$222

Option 2
In house sessions
30 min-$122

55 min-$222

Plus travel at .50 cents per kilometre.

Option 3
Space clearings-home, business etc

45 min-$222

After payment, you may book your session.

*Group rates are available for angel parties, group readings and more*

Akashic Record Readings

I utilize a profound modality called the Akashic Records for all sessions due to the extraordinary transformation people experience. In addition, while within the records other wisdom and divine insight is provided and may come in the form of mediumship, angel communications, and psychic premonitions.

What are the Akashic Records?
The akashic records are your souls library. This is a sacred space of infinite and high vibrations of God consciousness. Going into the records provides profound insights on who we have been who we are and where we are going! People who use the records gain energetic upgrades, activations and open up pathways for their highest good possible. Some even call them soul massages as each time in the records provides and attunement.

Intuitive Business Coaching

Are you struggling to find the magic in your business? 
I know where it is and I want to help you discover it!

3 HOUR Ignite Session

Three hours of intensive ground work can set the foundation for your business. Leave with a business plan and action steps to take you forward. Plus numerous tools to help you have success!

Ignite Your Business Workshop

3 day immersive experience where you gain all the clarity you need to propel forward in life and business as well as complete a clear business vision and structure for success in your heart centered business

3 or 6 Month Business Transformation

Ongoing support will give you the best possible results to ensure success. Customized to be exactly what you need it to be this is a game changer!

Publishing and Storytelling

I believe that stories are medicine especially when we share them. We invite you to apply to become one of our co-authors to share your story or if you have a whole book you are ready to write and share we will help with that too! At Rose Hope we have an entire editing, design and publishing team to help you along your journey

I look forward to the opportunity to work with you!

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