Cayla Twerdochlib
About Cayla Twerdochlib:

Cayla Twerdochlib is a soul alchemist, certified Life & Body-Mind-Soul Healing Mentor specializing in the process of INside-OWT. She supports people who are suffering from physical, emotional and spiritual pain to uncover the energetic root cause.

Cayla spent the majority of her childhood and early adulthood life feeling like there was something wrong with her, like she needed fixing. Struggling with not feeling normal caused anxiety, lack of joy and physical ailments. After her parents divorced and her step mother passed from cancer, Cayla decided to make her well being a priority again. Her breakthrough and healing came with taking her power back, finding her voice within and alchemically moving stuck stagnant energy within.

She is now the owner of her healing business, Deeply Rooted Healing, where her mission and purpose is to support and empower others to connect to who they truly are at the core by connecting them to their own inner knowing and understanding.

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