I have had the opportunity not only to hear DeeAnne speak at several events, but also have her speak at my events and she is nothing sort of magnificent. She has a way of connecting so wholly with the audience and you can tell from the beginning that she has the audience completely engaged. The range of topics she can speak to is broad and her wisdom is apparent in each message she shares. Her melodic yet powerful voice relays her message in a way that leaves your soul inspired and your heart full. 
– Jocelyn Davison, the Virtual Effect Events

“I have had the opportunity to see DeeAnne speak on 3 separate occasions. On one of those occasions she brought several in the audience to tears, on the next occasion it was on the prestigious stage of Harvard University, and I watched as she received a powerful standing ovation. The 3rd time I brought her into speak at my event after having been so impressed with the first two occasions, and once again, she over-delivered. If you’re looking for someone to impact your audience in a meaningful way, deliver a wow, evoke emotion and engagement, DeeAnne Riendeau is The Real Deal.”
​-Corey Poirier, Multiple-Time TEDx Speaker, Bestselling Author, bLU Talks Founder

DeeAnne Riendeau speaks with passion, honesty, clarity and enthusiasm! She is a joy to listen to and a pleasure to talk to! 
– Trelawnie Gartner

Listening to DeeAnne Riendeau  speak is so inspirational. The way she shares her message and speaks from the heart is so moving and captivating. I can’t wait to see her up on stage again. 
– Jessica Derksen

I’ve watched DeeAnne Riendeau transform from an exuberant young woman and blossom into a poised and effervescent woman of grace. To see her speak, to be in her presence is like being dusted with a little sparkle of sunshine. She shines her light and the room glows a little brighter. Her message is powerful. She is a change maker. 
– Dr. Janice Brown


…my heart and soul thank you for your guidance in my journey to find inner peace after the death of my Mother.  I was lost and unsure of what path I needed to take to find the answers to my many questions and fears.  Your course, Igniting Your Intuition, not only gave me direction and security in my own strength, it also opened doors to help me deal with childhood challenges I had locked away for years.
-Noreen Wilks

I have been working with DeeAnne for about 2 years.  Today, I am in India on my soul journey and I would not be here today if not for DeeAnne’s ability to tap into ancient divine wisdom.  She gives me clarity, helps me to get out of my own way and for the first time in my life I feel the flow and the love of source energy pour into me consistently.  What an incredible journey it has been.  Don’t wait this is the best gift you can give yourself!   
-Lil Lezarre

DeeAnne facilitated a reading for me on behalf of my spirit team which provided me with many validations and helped shift my perspective on where I was blocked. I was given tools and messages, that once realized opened many wonderful opportunities for me. I can’t imagine what my life would be like if I hadn’t started my business, or decided to embrace all of myself. I am grateful for the guidance my spirit team provided me that day and thankful I took the advice!
– Theresa

​DeeAnne has a way of moving you past blocks and  seeing new perspectives that are life changing.  My business has increased its profits by more 40% and I am getting more opportunities than ever before! I would have given up if not for her! 
– Sharla

DeeAnne is deeply passionate about helping her clients succeed. She possesses a wide range of knowledge and skills to support entrepreneurs in their businesses – from pricing products and services to marketing, networking, website ideas, and technical advice. She is excellent at helping craft achievable and manageable steps that culminate in big goals.  DeeAnne has valuable professional connections that further boost her value. I have found DeeAnne to be a cheerleader who has given me the courage to continue moving forward in creating my own path. Her intuitive edge means she can provide important insight on the bigger picture of my journey. Selecting the right business coach is such a crucial decision. I highly recommend DeeAnne!  
– Jean Rudko, Colourful Wellness

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