About Me

About Me


I am Rev. DeeAnne Rose Hope Riendeau and there is a reason you are here.

I struggled much of my life to understand why I was here on this planet. I felt in this world but not “of” this world. I felt different than others and I often felt there was something “wrong” with me. I searched for meaning and happiness for over 30 years feeling frustrated and hopeless.

Let me share a bit of my story.

I was very sick from the age of 2 and on.  Immunosuppressed, tonsils removed, on antibiotics which created a string of health issues from irritable bowel syndrome to Fibromyalgia.  I am now fully cured of those illnesses😊 I made a choice. A choice to go on a journey into my soul and now I walk hand in hand with God/Creator/Source this path we call life.

I also had a near death experience choking at the age of 5 and another at 26 from complications after knee surgery. Both of those experiences expedited my spiritual path and helped me to see so much more of what I could not see before.

These experiences catapulted me into a career in EMS.  I was an EMT, Firefighter and 911 Dispatcher, a Dental assistant and ultimately that led to a teaching career in Health Sciences at colleges throughout Alberta for almost a decade. With a degree in Health Administration behind me and my own health journey I was divinely guided with a vision to create the first holistic health care system in the world, Your Holistic Earth.  It grew quickly and so did my spiritual growth as I became an Akashic record practitioner and began to support others on their journey. In 2019, I was guided to gift Your Holistic Earth to someone else so I could dedicate my life to serving others on their spiritual path.  I hosted a contest, Willy Wonka style, gifted that company which allowed my spiritual practice and teaching through my company, Rose Hope Inc. to evolve more deeply into a school and mentorship program.

Through out all of that experience, I still struggled to find happiness and meaning.  Once I birthed my two beautiful children, I thought “ah then I would have happiness and meaning”.  Still, it was not there. Then I thought well If I make a lot of money and have a successful career then I would have happiness and meaning. Still, it was not there.  Well, if I divorce my husband then I will find happiness and meaning. Still, it was not there.  Low and behold, it was under my nose the whole time.  Happiness and meaning are innately given.  They are already within us.  We simply often are too “busy”, too clouded by energies which are not serving us and too closed to see all that is around us. Once I discovered this, the journey into my soul was the only way to get where I wanted to go!

It has been such a fulfilling journey. I now I have the privilege to guide others on their journey to their souls, heal their wounds and step into creation.  If you feel called, I invite you to explore our monthly Spiritminds events, our courses on intuition, the Akashic Records, Heart centred business and our Divine Collective Community.  Thank you for being here!

“When you believe more in what you don’t see than in what you do see, then what you do see, you won’t see, and what you don’t see you will see”

~ Reverend Michael Bernard Beckwith


DeeAnne Rose Hope Riendeau

Want to know a bit more?  Here is an excerpt from one of my published chapters.


Finding Heaven On Earth

I was five years old when I died the first time. It happened after returning home from church one ordinary day back in 1987. I was enjoying a jawbreaker candy I had gotten earlier when my dad said, “Go sit down before you choke.” While walking over to sit, the candy got stuck in my throat, and I began to panic as no air came in. Upon noticing me, my dad rushed over, grabbed me, and started the Heimlich manoeuvre in hopes of dislodging the candy. My dad continued to heave in desperation, but the candy did not move. The pressure in my head was intense, and with no air, my body went limp. My dad guided me to the floor to begin compressions in an attempt to remove the candy. Immediately, I felt myself leave my body and saw my dad working on my lifeless body below. My older sister peered around the corner investigating the commotion, and I saw mom running for the phone to call the neighbour, who was a nurse. I felt total peace and calm as I watched the chaos. I remember feeling and knowing everything was as exactly as it should be. My dad finally resorted to using his thumb to rid my throat of the candy, which worked, and he was able to get me breathing once again. Then assuredly, I felt myself go back into my body while my family watched, relieved as I came back to life. They sat for a moment as the chaos shifted to calmness. I was gently carried to the bathroom since my weakened body was now soiled in vomit from the force of the abdominal thrusts and was lowered into a warm bath. My mom, on her knees, washed my trembling body, and slowly the shock of the experience wore off but was not forgotten since my entire face was black and blue from broken blood vessels. At just five years old, I had experienced a small taste of the afterlife, creating connectedness to all. Although unable to articulate what I knew and felt, I had learned that there was more to life than most people understood. At first, I started to notice the changes in my dreams. My dreams became lucid. I could feel my dreams as though I were awake and present within them. However, the dreams were NOT always nice; they developed into intense night terrors where I was constantly under attack. One night, a large demon-like beast was coming at me, and I was fighting as hard as I could. There were flames all around me, yet they were cold. The beast’s eyes were dark and soulless, but it wanted whatever it was that I had. I was lying in my bed, feet from my parents, and the dream became so real that even with my eyes were wide open, images still swirled around me. The beast was there, and I could feel the heaviness as he came upon me. I could not scream or move—now wide awake and living in my nightmare; I was paralyzed. Desperate to get help, I kept trying to call until a whimper came out, and eventually, a call for mom, and I found the strength to move my body. Now released from the grip of this demon-like beast, I knew if I could just get to my parents’ room, everything would be ok. However, I could see bat-like monsters in the hall with glowing red eyes scaling the ceiling, and I feared they would attack if I sought passage to my parents’ room. Oh, the dilemma for this 8-year-old girl. Stay with the beast in the bedroom or risk the harrowing journey across the hall? Finally, my mom woke from my cries and called out, which gave me the courage to race across the hall to safety. Sneaking into my parents’ room for sanctuary would often happen as a child, but eventually, I learned to take my power back and conquer my dreams with the help of the Lord’s prayer. Not all the dreams were terrible, though. Many of them were prophetic and showed me amazing things. One morning, I told my mom about the passing of a family friend, which caused her jaw to drop as she had just received a call notifying her of the death of that same family friend. “How do you know this?” she asked. “It was in my dream,” I replied. This became a regular occurrence; however, my mom was Catholic and was unsure what to do about a daughter who appeared to have psychic abilities. The Bible says, “Do not turn to mediums or seek out spiritualists, for you will be defiled by them.” (Leviticus 19:31 NIV). Many argue that when the Bible was written, witches and warlocks had gotten too powerful. Some had been overtaken by greed, defiling the reputation of such people, tainting their image, making it easy to cast them all as practitioners of darkness. The Bible continues to say that mediums (those who communicate with the dead), witches and warlocks (those with developed psychic abilities and who practice magical arts) will be shut out from the kingdom of Heaven. Yet, through deep spiritual work and research, I have learned that not only are some of these teachings in the Bible out of context, but that they are quite inaccurate. Indeed, the Bible carries valuable information, but it is often misinterpreted and misunderstood. And this story is not intended to argue the validity or interpretation of the Bible; it is about the divinity of the Holy Spirit working through us. For it is Heaven that guided me to this path of my sacred spiritual gifts. Truth #1: Your gifts are already given. All of us are magnificent beings full of unlimited potential! We are all alike in that we have innate divine gifts given to us by God. Unfortunately, most don’t realize their gifts due to being trapped in a predisposed way of living, not daring to go into the depths of these inner gifts. As a child, my immaturity prevented me from deepening this connection to my soul. I did not understand it, nor did my parents, so I stuffed it deep inside to present myself as normal in society. As I grew into a teenager, I became very popular; I was friends with everyone. I was kind and worked hard at my studies, being called ambitious and very good at doing. I excelled in my studies while working a part-time job throughout high school, but, underneath the surface, I feared that my life would cease to exist if I slowed down or stopped advancing. After all, I had been given a second chance at life; I dared not waste it. I had so much to do and so much to experience. I continued on to work in the Emergency Medical Services field as an EMT and a dispatcher. I even did some volunteer firefighting. Then, over several years, I transitioned into the dental field and started teaching in post-secondary schools. I had a couple of side businesses and was a volunteer on boards throughout my young adulthood, which I continue to do—always doing, always busy. At 27, I had reconstructive knee surgery from a ski injury ten years prior. During the recovery, something went wrong, and, on the second day home, I felt faint as I was going from the kitchen to the living room. I recall mentioning it to my brother-in-law, but I wasn’t sure whether I got the words out or not. Before I knew it, I was somewhere else. All around me were brilliant, ten-foot tall beings of light! All sorts of colours flowed vividly and stunningly around me! It was mesmerizing! To this day, it was the most divine, magical, present and REAL experience of my entire life! I wanted to stay. It was pure love. But alas, they told me there was work to be done. So, although they did not speak with words, instead using sounds and frequencies which my mind understood clearly, I fluttered my eyes open to the sight of my brotherin-law above me. I could not put into words what had happened until days later. I was in with a friend, courageously telling her my incredible story with the angels, and my brother-in-law overheard us from the next room. I had not yet told him the magnitude of my experience, but he came running and yelled, “I knew it! I felt the angels too!” What an incredible validation! If we choose, we can live in an awakened state that is not always easy but full of treasures beyond our comprehension. When we allow our gifts to shine and are honest with understanding our true essence, we uncover divine wisdom and power that can lead us through all time. Paulo Coelho’s book, The Alchemist, talks about this wisdom and the abilities we have to connect with our spirit and the Divine Spirit of the world. Know that you do NOT need to have a near-death experience to connect with the Self or harness these gifts within you. Often it is not just one swift moment of discovery but a bit-by-bit recognition that awakens us to our true divine Self. It may even come from our deepest suffering or darkest depths when our backs are against the wall. Something ignites, and we climb out of the shadows as more enlightened souls. No matter how you get there, the journey EVERY ONE of us is on leads us to the same place… connection with Source Consciousness. Truth #2: Energy is everything, and everything is energy Everything is energy, a fact backed by science. The book you hold, the clothes you wear, the place you sit are all energy. But it is the not-so-tangible energy that I want to focus on—the things we cannot touch or see but we sense or feel are there. The wind is an excellent example of this. I cannot see the wind itself, but I can see the result of the wind. Trees blowing, the pressure as it blows across my face. Humans are energy and within each of us is our energy core. Some call this our heart, but it expands beyond the physical organ extending outside our physical being and is known as the magnetic field. This field is often referred to as an Aura which some reference as a sacred space or bubble. Understanding that energy is everywhere and that everything is energy opens us to a foundational insight that we can use this energetic lens to see the world better and determine our direction. Energy cannot be created or destroyed. This discovery is critical when it comes to understanding death. We can have relationships with those who have passed. As energy cannot be created or destroyed, when people die, they are transformed. Their souls shift into the non-physical realms. We often consider death as the end, but it is merely the death of the physical body. Here, we can begin to understand that all that you wish to manifest and create in life already exists. If the energy exists somewhere, we simply need to call it towards us, which can be done by shifting your own energy field. We can create a radiant and magnetic frequency that produces the most incredible magical ripple you can imagine, and this is one of the secrets to manifestation. In 2019, while in Mexico with my partner Dan, we were in paradise in a little village along the Baja Peninsula called Mulege, hours away from tourist zones and full of incredible beaches! We had heard about a beach filled with all sizes, colours, and shapes of shells, and we intended to explore it on this particular day. This beach was not easy to get to and required us to drive along a desert sand road for about twenty miles, but we were determined to have this adventure! Once we arrived, we parked on the beach. There wasn’t a soul in sight—just shores and shores of shells! After collecting our shells more than 42⁰C (108⁰F) of heat, we jumped in the ocean for a cool down before leaving. As we put the truck in drive, the wheels began to spin. The more we tried, the deeper we sank. Finally, we got out to assess only to realize we needed help quickly. As we reached for our phones simultaneously, dread came over our faces. There was no service. We were in scorching heat conditions, and we were stranded 30 miles from the nearest village. Fear set in, and it didn’t help that I had watched Drugs Inc. and El Chapo on the plane down and was certain the cartel would capture and kill us. Funny where a person’s mind goes at times. I began to think about the heat and how far it was to get back. Did we have enough water? Would we pass out from heat exhaustion? I was very scared. Thankfully, I had been practicing mindset and the management of my ego-mind. I paused, breathed, and thanked my fear for showing up, and then I listened for inner guidance. My answer was to start walking right away. Although Dan felt he could keep trying, I knew we had to start walking. So I packed up and began to walk with Dan trailing behind. Just then, I had another insight, “Ask for help!” and so I did. I said, “Angels, can you please send us a way out of this? “I repeated it several times. I am sure we did not walk more than ten feet when a white, one-ton, pick-up truck with a winch on the front came over the hill! “Are you freaking kidding me?” I thought. A white truck and a winch… WHAT?! Incredible! The angels had provided me with another example of the amazing magic accessible to us all. Truth #3: Pause, Ask, Listen and Receive Energy is an infinite resource for us, but it is only accessible when we know it exists and then choose to use it! Therefore, we must be aware enough to know it is there, ask for it to guide us, and then be willing to receive it. It is here for the taking, yet we do not invite, ask, and open ourselves to hear and receive it. In pausing, breathing, and inviting infinite divine energy in, we can actually charge ourselves with the most beautiful energy and ask for anything we may need at that moment. It comes directly from God, Source, or whatever name resonates for you. You can use prayer, meditation, or specific rituals to access this. It is always accessible. It is infinite. My divine gifts awakened through my near death, and I uncovered that I was what is known as a Lightworker. Lightworkers are human beings with psychic abilities and intuition with a purpose to awaken the people on earth. They connect others to their true Divine Spirit within, doing God’s work of channelling infinite love and divinity through their gifts. I felt Heaven through the pure divinity in my experience and had become a messenger of God. Understanding this and how I now fit into the world has become my journey. As you move along your journey, my wishes for you are first to know that your gifts are already given and lay within you. Second, know that energy is everything and allow it to broaden your perspective of the world beyond the physical and into the spiritual. Finally, remember energy is an infinite resource when you pause, ask, listen, and receive. When we move into this awareness, we begin to shift ourselves into the beings we truly are, and that’s when magic surrounds us. We become flowing divine beings of light, radiating and magnetizing pure love, which then pours into others, and the infinite divine energy continues. Isn’t that marvelous? May you be blessed with the awareness of love and magic all around and within you!

Personal Mentorship and Coaching Through The Akashic Records

The work I provides beautiful transformational experiences.  I am an intuitive, medium, angel communicator and I am a certified akashic record expert and universal sphere practitioner.   People call the work I do soul massages as they leave feeling renewed and uplifted and a new sense of peace and harmony.

I am honoured to provide several opportunities to work with me.

Option 1
1 on 1 sessions via phone or zoom video conference
30 min-$122

55 min-$222

Option 2
In house sessions
30 min-$122

55 min-$222

Plus travel at .50 cents per kilometre.

Option 3
Space clearings-home, business etc

45 min-$222

*Group rates are available for angel parties, group readings and more*

I look forward to the opportunity to work with you!

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