Sacred Science Apprenticeship

Sacred Science Apprenticeship

Join us and become a sacred alchemist through the Sacred Science journey!

Are you feeling the pull to go on an inward journey so you can become a master manifestor in your life?

Step into your personal power of sacred alchemy and access your inner technology so that you can create the life of your dreams.

This program will help you understand the metaphysical world and embrace your deeper gifts allowing you to become a master alchemist. An alchemist has the ability to change energy, perception, and also the environment to serve at the highest good.

What you can expect:

  • Develop a deeper relationship with all that you are and all you will be
  • Identify and activate your sacred gifts and inner technology
  • Implement your inner technology for use in everyday life
  • Uncover your deeper truths and understanding of your world
  • Discover new methods and formulas to access highest frequencies
  • Contribute to making the world a better place for all


  • Complimentary access for a full year to Monthly Spiritminds – Masterminds for the Soul with expert guest speaker and experiential activities – 2nd Wednesday of each month at Noon MST

This program begins January of each year and includes:

  • 2 hour workshop every month – 2nd Friday 10am to 12 MST
  • 1 hour integrating experience and wisdom share – 4th Friday at Noon MST
  • Monthly challenges and practice
  • Ongoing resources and support

Our 12 Themes

  1. Sacred Gifts and Inner technology
  2. Planes and Dimensions
  3. Angels/Guides
  4. Galactic Beings
  5. Crystals (including water) and Grids
  6. Sacred Geometry
  7. Light Language/Channeling
  8. Medical Mediumship and Etheric Surgery
  9. Past life remembrance/Akashic Records
  10. Astral travel/projection
  11. Telepathy
  12. Telekinesis

This is a 1 year apprenticeship program which will allow you to expand your wisdom and inner knowing, practice and harness your infinite gifts as well as provide you with the ability to manifest with ease.

The energy exchange is $2222/yr or $202/month!

Only 24 Seats Available
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