Rowan Sky

About Rowan Sky:

Rowan is a highly skilled psychic medium, Reiki Master/Teacher and SoulCare Coach, specializing in the Akashic Records. She embarked on a transformative journey beginning in 2005 when a serious car accident allowed her to witness a miracle and the angels among us. Since then, her passion for continuous learning has propelled her to explore the depths of spiritual and intuitive practices. With her unique blend of intuitive gifts, Rowan specializes in guiding abuse and trauma survivors towards the light.

Growing up with alcoholic narcissistic parents, abuse was a daily occurrence for Rowan. There was no love. After years of therapy and attending Children of Alcoholics, Rowan came to understand that she was not responsible for her parents’ shortcomings, although her healing was 100% her responsibility. Rowan embraced this part of her journey with gusto and that was expedited by her brush with death in 2005.

Her mission now is to empower individuals to recognize their own inherent worthiness and self-love. Rowan employs a simple yet powerful formula, leveraging her intuitive abilities to mentor and coach others on their path to healing and self-discovery. With a compassionate heart and unwavering dedication, she assists her clients in breaking free from the shadows, helping them realize that they are enough, have always been enough, and are so deserving of unconditional love. Rowan is a beacon of light for those seeking to navigate their way to a brighter, more fulfilling existence.


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