2024 Jan- 7 Days of Creation

Jan 1-7 9:30 am MT Daily

Get ready to become a master creator in your life!!

Each day on this 7 day journey Reverend Rose will access the Akashic Records (Gods library) and share divine revelations about how to manifest more of what you do want and experience the joy and delight that comes with witnessing the pure magic available to us.

****Your first step is to make sure you are in the Sacred Alchemists exclusive facebook group! If you are not yet in this group, please sign up ahead of time to ensure you catch the videos.

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Day 1 — Harnessing your dream
Day 2 — Developing and accessing your Divine Blueprint
Day 3 — Creating space for more- clearing and releasing
Day 4 — Amplifying your vibration and frequency
Day 5 — Activating the Path
Day 6 — Deepening your divine connection
Day 7 — Immersing in stillness
Video workshops will be held in the group Sacred Alchemists on Facebook at 9:30 am MT from Jan 1-7 2024.
See you on the journey of a lifetime!