Carol Johnston is a business wizard who is passionate about helping heart centered entrepreneurs and not for profits (NFP) to follow their dreams, reach those dreams and love every step of the journey. Carol went through her own experience struggling to find joy in her daily routine and grind of life. Through her healing process she discovered that she could not only live her dream but help others to do the same.

Carol started her company FEHU Universal to support and help individuals and their business to heal. Carol uses her degree in applied administration in addition to 35 plus years experience in accounting and projects to help clients practically and effectively. Even more, she uses her intuitive and gentle nature, in addition to her ability to guide healing, to enable her to customize foundational pieces for any business or NFP. She provides the tools, training, and resources for reducing costs, increasing profit, AND enabling clients to live their best life!

Carol loves community and nature. Spending time with friends and family is important to her. When she is not walking her dog or playing with grandkids, she spends quiet time in her oasis lounge with a good book or a challenging puzzle.

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