Programs and Certificate Courses

The Meaning Of Life and How To Find It (1 hour to 3 hours)
Explore 3-5 profound insights into discovering the meaning of life and creating the most amazing life possible!   Acquire tangible tools that will change your life!

“Change in itself is not difficult, it is human resistance that creates the difficulty.”
Rose Hope

Ignite Your Intuition Program
Level 1
Learn to become a spiritual guru for yourself!  Deeply connect with your soul and it’s desires as well as the universal supports you have that can help you along the way!

Ignite Your Intuition-Soulcare Coach Certificate Program
Level 2

Take a deep dive into your soul like never before.  You will be brought to new heights and depths and not only will you build a stronger connection with yourself you will have the tools and abilities to read for others!  Ideal for someone desiring to work in this area or have a business with this service

Ignite Your Business

Join us for this 3 day interactive workshop. You will leave with your business plan, action plan plus have more excitement and clarity then ever before!

Ignite Your Life
This yearly program is meant to truly design and create the life you have always dreamed of. It is possible!

Master of Ceremonies

Seeking a dynamic personality to entertain engage and inspire? Look no further DeeAnne has almost 2 decades of experience Hosting Events, Emcee and Presenting.

Customized presentations and workshops
Looking for something specific? DeeAnne has the ability to create presentations to suit your needs.

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