“I knew it!” or “I had a feeling that was going to happen!” You have likely said this to yourself before and it is because spirit is always calling, and in these moments your intuition is coming alive to guide you. The question is, are you allowing the space needed to truly be guided by spirit?

You see, these days, most of us are on autopilot. We’re busy, distracted or so overwhelmed that we neglect to hear, sense or see the path that is lighting up just for us. These soft, gentle nudges that show us the path can be easy to miss in our busy world. However, as we allow more room for stillness, quiet, and grounding we deepen our ability to receive insights and understandings of ourselves and the world around us.

 ALL of us have the gifts to do so, the choice is yours. Are you ready to tune into spirit?

Today we are joined by Reverend Cheryl Brewster for a beautiful conversation about the journey of self-discovery where uncertainty becomes a gateway to newfound strength and purpose. Cheryl describes her path that unfolded when she followed a calling, which included being plunged into the “dark night of the soul”. She embraced the power of surrender, in spiritual awakening and let uncertainty lead. This discussion is a beautiful reminder to surrender to life being easier.
I am delighted to share my conversation with master alchemiser and ignitor of the world, Lady JB. Through her acclaimed brand, Ignite, she has created hundreds of international best selling compilation books that have inspired and uplifted millions. We discuss the power of sharing personal stories of triumph with each other especially when it is so easy to find ourselves surrounded by bad news. We are reminded that every experience holds lessons and blessings, with value found in both the good and the bad. Everyone experiences multiple Ignite moments. When we choose to delve into the wisdom each offers, we can see that everything happens for us, not to us.
My guest today has a powerful message to share - enough with the resistance! We explore what it means to allow spirit to lead and how we receive everything we need when we open up to trusting where we are called. Jewelz Princeton is a QHHT practitioner and Dragon Light Activator. She left the road to addiction behind through some not so gentle nudges from spirit and discovered the many ego programs that were keeping her from her most divine path in this life. Jewelz shares so many powerful insights including the root spiritual meaning behind the words we use. This discussion is a beautiful reminder that Divine is the supply and your wounds can be portals to your greatest gifts!
I am so excited to share my conversation with David T. Gross, a third-generation Seer, as we delve into the profound concept of soul agreements and their impact on our lives. Through poignant anecdotes, David shares a deeply personal message he received concerning his mother's battle with cancer, illuminating the soul agreements that some undertake on behalf of others. We discuss the importance of embracing adversity with gratitude and trusting in a higher wisdom to unfold the answers in due time. David encourages listeners to recognize recurring patterns and triggers as gateways to deeper understanding, drawing upon his own experiences to illustrate this point. He reflects on how past life lessons surfaced in a pivotal business relationship, ultimately leading him to claim his self-worth—a soul lesson spanning lifetimes. Join us as we embark on a journey of self-discovery and enlightenment, guided by David's insightful perspective on soul agreements and their profound implications.
Welcome back to the podcast! In this episode, we're joined once again by the esteemed researcher and author, Udo Erasmus. Last time, Udo shared profound insights about his early life and spiritual path. Today, we're diving into a different aspect of his journey – his personal health challenges that inspired the creation of his globally recognized products in the Udo’s Choice Line. Udo opens up about the severe physical symptoms he faced after working as a pesticide sprayer, and how this propelled him to dive deep into research on food production and its profound implications for our health. Tune in as Udo shares his compelling story and the insights gained along the way.
Alana is a former nurse and a practicing psychotherapist and she joins me today to discuss the ways that the body is used as a messenger of spirit, and what it looks like to heed that call. Drawing on her experience of spiritual awakening, catalyzed by being diagnosed with a rare genetic condition followed shortly by the death of her father. Alana’s healing journey has been a process of reconnecting with the heart, with the body and with the soul to rediscover her authentic self and live a purposeful and joyful life. Join me in a beautiful conversation with a beautiful soul!

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Our goal is to serve you.

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