“I knew it!” or “I had a feeling that was going to happen!” You have likely said this to yourself before and it is because spirit is always calling, and in these moments your intuition is coming alive to guide you. The question is, are you allowing the space needed to truly be guided by spirit?

You see, these days, most of us are on autopilot. We’re busy, distracted or so overwhelmed that we neglect to hear, sense or see the path that is lighting up just for us. These soft, gentle nudges that show us the path can be easy to miss in our busy world. However, as we allow more room for stillness, quiet, and grounding we deepen our ability to receive insights and understandings of ourselves and the world around us.

 ALL of us have the gifts to do so, the choice is yours. Are you ready to tune into spirit?

I am delighted to welcome Laura Aura onto the podcast today. She shares her personal journey as an entrepreneur and what it was like to begin to weave her intuitive knowing and magic into her business. Many of us face the fear of being perceived as unprofessional as we step into authenticity in every arena of our lives, but this conversation should remind you - this is a journey we all share! We discuss what intuition feels like, and how you can feel like you’re “making it up” in the beginning. Laura shares how she used my practice of speaking to the spirit of her businesses to release one business and move in a new direction - and the surprising reaction her old business had to this idea! This is a wonderful conversation to remind you of the tools you carry within yourself to connect with what is right for you - and it doesn’t have to make sense to anyone else!
As the planet awakens, increasing numbers of people are reporting spontaneous contact with loved ones in spirit that leaves them confused and unsure what to do. Psychic channel Pam Johnson explains what she believes is fueling this phenomenon and why it will continue to grow. This is an important conversation drawing on Pam’s over 30 years of experience working with clients, not to mention an incredible personal story about her ongoing partnership with her deceased husband (who joins us for the conversation!) They explain how grief can be a spiritually transformative experience once we learn how to connect to our loved ones in spirit who are always with us, ready and eager to love and support us on our spiritual path.
Today we are joined by spiritual doula Kim Colella for a beautiful conversation about the voice of love that is inside each and every one of us. Kim describes the path that unfolded when she followed that voice, including being led to a fated meeting with Mother Theresa in Calcutta. We talk about the importance of developing a relationship with your spiritual team - yes a whole team! And how playful curiosity is at the root of love. Kim also shares insights from her profound work as both a birth doula and a death doula, and the incredible beauty of both processes. Stay tuned to the end to hear Kim’s channeled soul poem, Sing in Me a New Song!
This week we are joined by fellow akashic expert Leasa Arsenault as she shares her story of breaking through the patterns of extreme perfectionism to find her authentic path. This is a story many of us high-achievers know well. Leasa describes having a minimum of 5 panic attacks each day at her job as a banking executive, and although her life looked PERFECT, inside she was crumbling. She discovered that although perfectionism worked for a period of time, the toll it took on her mind, body, and soul eventually led to complete burnout. Leasa is such a bright light and we discuss practical steps for connecting with your joy - especially when you feel so removed from it. We also get to hear about Leasa’s special work in the Akashic which includes an energy flow cleansing practise!
Have you heard of Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT)? What about past life regression, between life exploration, self-healing, and life coaching through the subconscious mind with hypnosis? Well, we are absolutely thrilled to dive deep into this profound work with Jennifer Mitchell, a Quantum Hypnosis Practitioner and host of The Soul Traveler Podcast. Jennifer shares how she broke the cycle of childhood trauma growing up with parents struggling with substance abuse to become a leader in the corporate world, only to experience work-place bullying as an adult. She couldn’t ignore the voice of her higher self any longer, and it led her to QHHT. Jennifer takes us inside what a QHHT session looks like and how this method, developed by Dolores Cannon in the late 1960’s, is used to take quantum leaps in healing buried trauma patterns.
We are absolutely honoured to speak with the world-renowned researcher & author, Udo Erasmus. You may recognize the name from his popular products in Udo’s Choice line, or from his time spent teaching at events hosted by Tony Robbins and Deepak Chopra. Today we hear from Udo about his incredible journey escaping WWII as a child and his path to weaving science and spirituality together. He explains how science and religion are just two different ways to discover the nature of reality and that the only true freedom we possess is where we focus our attention. Peace is within us, but so is confusion. Which one will you focus on?

Welcome to the Divine Collective. We are a team of healers, teachers, and intuitives who are here to raise the vibration of humanity and shine our light on this world.

Our goal is to serve you.

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