“I knew it!” or “I had a feeling that was going to happen!” You have likely said this to yourself before and it is because spirit is always calling, and in these moments your intuition is coming alive to guide you. The question is, are you allowing the space needed to truly be guided by spirit?

You see, these days, most of us are on autopilot. We’re busy, distracted or so overwhelmed that we neglect to hear, sense or see the path that is lighting up just for us. These soft, gentle nudges that show us the path can be easy to miss in our busy world. However, as we allow more room for stillness, quiet, and grounding we deepen our ability to receive insights and understandings of ourselves and the world around us.

 ALL of us have the gifts to do so, the choice is yours. Are you ready to tune into spirit?

Animal Communicator, Danielle MacKinnon delivers insight into what our pets are really thinking, gained from more than twenty years of experience working with clients and their animal friends. Our pets, both here and on the Other Side are sharing intuitive messages with their humans - if only their humans would learn how to listen.
*[CONTENT WARNING] This episode contains discussion of suicide and infanticide from 13:30 to 19:25 and a brief reference to suicidal ideation at 43:30. Please take care of yourself as you engage with this discussion and know that I am wrapping you in love and you are not alone. If you or someone you know needs support, call Talk Suicide Canada at 1-833-456-4566. If you are outside Canada, please search for your local crisis line or go to the nearest Emergency Room.* Reaching us all the way from New Zealand you can feel the incredible vibration of today’s guest Karyn as we explore the shadow that light casts and welcome even the darkest moments into a place of loving acceptance and even celebration. Karyn invites us to consider the stories we tell ourselves and remember that we are a constant flow of expression. What is your Story revealing to you? This is a conversation to listen to with your heart as we tumble like rain through visions and wisdom and eventually arrive at the simple power of our breath and the mantra “I am here; here I am”. This episode contains so many moments of nourishment and I hope your soul can drink deeply and receive exactly what you need to hear today.
Are you an empath? Many of us have been told that we are “too sensitive” or have felt confused by the way our body and mind react to different people and environments. The current medical system can’t explain this experience, so it’s easy to feel gaslit and burnt out. Well, you’re not alone! Today we are delighted to hear from Sylvia, a highly empathic healthcare professional, as we discuss her path to embracing her gifts and teaching others how to create healthy energetic boundaries. Many medical professionals approach energy work with a natural amount of skepticism, but both Sylvia and I have personally experienced the importance of understanding and caring for our own energy, especially in the context of caring for others. Tune in for tips and scripts for: Identifying and releasing energy that is not yours Preventing energy leaks Creating energetic boundaries Remember: “Feelings are just a message from your body that you are alive.” - Sylvia Plester-Silk
We are blessed to hear from Andrea Menard today as she weaves wisdom from the Metis tradition of her grandmothers into a powerful message about receiving and using your gifts with humility and grace. We discuss the power of feeling our emotions to clear the channel we have to our higher guidance and how Indigenous leaders have turned towards this time of the rise of the feminine and the healing that can come from mothering and nurturing ourselves so that we can be joyfully led to our highest potential.
Join the Atlantean Priestess and your host, as we explore our authentic truth! From knowing your boundaries to having deep compassion for others, we allow ourselves to become keepers of our divine mission. Priscilla shares wisdom from Atlantis and reminds us that there is more beyond the fear reality our ego mind sometimes creates for us and our greatest purpose is to remember how magnificent we are. We explore asking ourselves: how can I be in my power, defend my truth, and still embody love and compassion? Priscilla gives us powerful insight into what it was like to live as a matriarch in the Golden Age of Atlantis and we discuss the New Atlantean Era that is occurring today and why Lemurian starseeds may react strongly to Atlantis energy. This is one you don’t want to miss!
A mentor of mine joins us to talk about her journey and her divine wisdom about being your true whole self! Experiencing the loss of her mom to pancreatic cancer, it shifted her trajectory and gave her a whole new perspective on life. Glenda shares her advice about how we move through energy and deepen our understanding and compassion for others as well as dialing into what you desire! Bonus-I share how Glenda activated light language for me and we even share some light language for you too!

Welcome to the Divine Collective. We are a team of healers, teachers, and intuitives who are here to raise the vibration of humanity and shine our light on this world.

Our goal is to serve you.

Each member of the collective brings their unique abilities and sacred gifts to support you and help you along your path. Please feel free to read more about the team and book your complimentary session with any one of our incredible souls. Interested in becoming part of the Divine Collective? Message DeeAnne here

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